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Poop cleanup services offered for residents and business of Orange County 24/7. Human and animal poop receive the same sanitizing removal and disposal service. Orange County poop must go and that's where I come in. Recovering your home or business from infectious waste remains my primary business after 14 years in this important cleaning business. Eddie Evans Orange County poop cleanup.





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"Then there's a potential sense of shame in my biohazard cleanup work."

Eddie Evans

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What I Do --

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Poop Cleanup Narrative



Poop in Life

There's no doubt about it, every living being on this planet contains poop; in one form or another, poop has its place inside each organism and outside of organisms as a promoter of growth and decay. Life depends on, demands poop.

In any case, poop creates conditions for new life. While doing so poop cleanup takes place one way or another; it disappears, poop that is, with time.

Imagine life without poop. We can't. Our first introduction to our own poop may have come as a learning moment. It may have soon engendered moments of terror as we found it upon our tiny fingers with all of its horrific odors. We learned to want no part of it. We were told so. I call this the "social production of reality."

That's how life and poop go together here in the United States and other developed countries. Third World countries often have another take on poop; it becomes part of their home's food growing process. "Honey pots" serve as communal receptacles for recycling a family's poop. Fields increase rice output and other crop raising enhancement from soil enriched by poop.

Poop serves as a powerhouse of energy for microorganisms. These organisms become food for other organisms. Placed in the soil they enrich soil as a food producing substance for humans and other life forms.

We have no such power, enriching soil for food production without poop; yes, we have chemicals produced from petrochemicals and such, but they have their own environmental problems with long-term consequences for humans and other species. We are just now learning about these petrochemical consequences.

Human Poop Cleanup

Orange County poop cleanup usually begins when someone poops (dumps, craps, shits, scatters feces, scat, dung) in the wrong place or places. Schizophrenics without guidance a appropriate medication sometimes need poop cleanup for their sofa, bed, toilet, floors, light switches, walls, and more. Lucky for us that poop is not a biohazard unless it has blood in it. Of course, once poop, like blood, sits in the open air long enough, it contains fewer bacteria than fresh poop.

In fact, poop served our ancestors quite well as fertilizer as it does today throughout agrarian societies. I hear that Mexico's independent farmers still use poop fertilizer as they do in both North and South Korea. In VietNam, rice grows often used human and water buffalo poop for fertilizer. I have read that we would all be better off using poop as a fertilizer as opposed to that nasty stuff Dow Chemical poisons planet Earth.

Today the Gulf of Mexico has a "dead zone." It has a wide area from surface to bottom without an ecosystem, lifeless. We owe its loss to chemicals used as a pesticide on food crops far away. Water from the Mississippi River spilled deadly pesticide from upriver farms into life's ocean. The Gulf of Mexico now appears to be dying, and this happens without British Petroleum's oil injections. Thus, one of Earth's richest fish habitats now dies as if stricken by a human produced death ray.


Now, as a biohazard cleanup writer, it would seem that I have little business talking about any new Dead Sea on our own borders. The truth is, though, I speak of ecological systems as if they exist as "real things." Many of us believe that ecosystems do not actually exist. But we use this term "ecosystems" to help explain in shorthand what's going on in nature. We know that nutrients, energy, and biological information in the form of DNA and RNA passes from one generation of microorganisms, plants, and animals as selected by their immediate environment.

So we call this environment and those related to it, and "related" serves as a teacher here it's the relationships between life forms, including microorganisms, they give us the language of ecology. So ecology is about life systems and interconnectedness. When we make up a mental model of the relationships we come up with something like a spider web.

The center of the web serves as the individual organism. The connecting strands serve as the relationships between these life forms. So this is a form of symbolic language to signify what's going on out there in nature and we just happened to call this an ecosystem. This helps us understand I complex world which is too complex to understand, and probably more complex and we can never think about.

Put another way, natures very complex and probably more complex than we can think. There, that's easier to understand. This becomes more clear when we step away from the microscope. We see in the microscope that is a lot a life going on a lot a little life forms eating one another and defecating.

If you move within intent to understand while thinking about these relationships through microscope, and think about images in our society as well as nature, our imaginations help us move from those single celled microscopic organisms to the many connections between plants and animals and ourselves. These ecosystems most often took eons of time making their life affirming connections, their biological relationships. Break one of these connections and the entire ecosystem may become at risk.

Poop has its own ecosystems, as a matter of fact. Ecosystems do their own poop cleanup, and very nicely so. Nothing goes to waist.


Los Angeles County Versus Orange County Poop -

Here's another nifty idea. Is Los Angeles County poop any different than Orange County poop? Yes indeed. In fact, everyone's poop is different, but we share more similarities than differences. These similarities make it possible for medical science to find patterns of life relationships are poop.

These are known as ecological relationships to some blood and poop researchers. Because of such miraculous medical findings as microorganisms responsible for illnesses and patterns of health, simply taking a poop slide for medical examination allows medical scientists to decide if we have a threat to our bodies.

let me regress. How would we know that Los Angeles and Orange County protest differences? We would have to take samples of the various populations, demographic groups and social logical terms. But here I'm pointed in another direction. I want to make a point and ecology shows us that ecological systems have as much if not more reality value than those fictions we call "Los Angeles County" and "Orange County".

Both Los Angeles County and Orange County were one moment in time created on some bureaucrat's desk. From the papers on the desk of city and county power brokers, these counties were created from words and legal fictions. So I say, "How is this any different than creating ecosystems from finding relationships between many known and unknown species?"

So when it comes to the reality value of man-made geographic borders and ecosystems, were talking about cultural and social fictions, social constructions. Don't get the idea that poop is a fiction. Poop is poop. We know it's poop because of the bacteria and substances inside. Many species survive because of poop. Consider the many species of African Dung Beatles.

As some of us eat differently, we must cause our poop to carry some pretty odd staff inside compared to the normal range of poop. But overall, we can find enough similarities in poop to decide that poop arises from a natural process, It occurs in all living organisms has a part of consuming nutrients and passing them on for recycling. Los Angeles County and Orange County share these biological necessities in their poop.

If we consider China's population's poop and our poop, then we find more significant difference than in Orange County. A big difference in poop cleanup between our two countries arises from our pooping outcomes. We send our cleanup our poop in an industrialized sanitary sewer system. Our Chinese friends in China, India too, send much more of their shit back to the Earth as raw crap. Sometimes the lucky ones use composting if they have the needed materials. Since they're dirt poor in many cases, they cannot even compost.

Also, heavy into their rice diet, the Chinese poop carries much more carbohydrate than our fat and protein diets. As a result Chinese baby poop has a different content than our Orange County baby contents, for example. There mother's are on a different diet when they nurse.


Moms do a lot of poop cleanup --

I don't know what my mother would say if she knew her son, Eddie Evans, became a poop specialist in order to fight Orange County Coroner corruption. I don't think she would see me as a heroic figure when I now have a poop cleanup business in Orange County and Los Angeles County.

Yes, I do poop cleanup in the city of Cypress, too. I'm known as "Biosafe" in this city. I do biohazard cleanup here, at least I would if the county employees would stay out of my biohazard cleanup business. They do stay out of my poop cleanup business, more-or-less. You see, I'm on the Internet for both poop and homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup. The difference between my biohazard cleanup business for death cleanup, and my Orange County poop cleanup businesses has a big difference on the Internet.

Orange County's population will find me on the Orange County Internet; whereas, Orange County's homicide, suicide, and unattended death related families will not find me on the Internet. Even though I'm very easy to find by doing a Yahoo!, Bing, or Google search for homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, or even Orange County crime scene cleanup, families get mislead by coroners' employees.

Orange County coroner employees (a tiny fraction of them) send these families in need of biohazard cleanup to corrupt biohazard cleanup companies. In return these county employees receive a kickback, payment for send the "prospects" to these corrupt blood cleanup companies. Sometime Orange County employees own theses biohazard cleanup companies.

So for me, the big difference between my Orange County poop cleanup work and my Orange County biohazard work is the distance that I must drive to work. For Orange County biohazard cleanup work, I have so little it doesn't pay my Internet costs.

So I've traveled far and wide beyond Orange County for biohazard cleanup. For example, I once drove to Hannibal Missouri for a decomposition cleanup. It took the better part of two days to reach this fine city. It took four hours to cleanup the body fluids and disinfect. It then took three days to return home to Orange County.

I must confess that this blood cleanup job had a lot of "vacation" like features built into it. Mark Twain, Samuel Clemens, writes about Hannibal in his many stories. He grew up in Hannibal as I recall. I had some fun, I admit.

Then there's a potential sense of shame in my biohazard cleanup work. (return)

Anyone that knows me well enough also knows that I have a strong regard for scientific ecology and social ecology. As a result they confront me with my driving habits, like, "How do you square these long trips with your environmental interests?.

I must say that "I'm selfish" for hanging onto this line of work considering that I'm challenged by a government sponsored monopoly. Then there's the many costs of running an Internet ranking business, well over $10,000 per year for this one business and occupation. My wife picks me up when I don't get out of the red by the end of our tax year. Just why she does so I cannot say, but I owe her dearly.

The best I can do for her I find in the Orange County poop cleanup business.


My Scientific Attitude

Fortunately, I keep a scientific attitude towards poop and this helps me get through my poop and biohazard cleanup challenges while on the job.

For poop cleanup, once over the emotional stuff this and possible self-esteem issues, it becomes much easier when I know that I'm dealing with something as common as the everyday hamburger. My mother enjoyed hamburgers, and besides, she did poop cleanup for myself and two sisters. So what could she say, "Poop?".


Mom's change our diapers when dad's don't, which I observe as the general case. Late in life we have a spouse, nurse, or no one to change our diapers when we cannot. That's when the call comes to a guy like me, a poop cleanup practitioner. I would rather say a "poop cleanup master," but that's a little to grandiose for this Orange County poop cleanup subject, diaper.As a paying job, poop cleanup pays well enough if a person has no problem with the task; otherwise, poop cleanup can result in psychological stresses with too little reward. These stresses have a social and cultural background. Socially, we learn in our families that poop is "dirty," and poop cleanup must, therefore, remain dirty. So a person like myself that does poop cleanup must by implication be dirty. I wrote more about Orange County poop cleanup and note some comments on my poop cleanup menu.


I you thank that your poop cleanup problems mean something catastrophic, than think about President Obama's problems as reported in today's New York Times, October 18, 2014:

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and its arrival in the United States, is the latest in a cascade of crises that have stretched Mr. Obama’s national security staff thin. As the White House scrambled to stop the spread of Ebola beyond a handful of cases, officials were also grappling with an escalating military campaign against the Islamic State, the specter of a new Cold War with Russia over Ukraine, and the virtual disintegration of Yemen, which has been a seedbed for Al Qaeda.

In my army days we would have said that the "shit hit the fan and there's a log of shit cleanup to do for the President."

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